What CNZ Cheer Nationals Offer ?

Our aim is to make this event the PINNACLE of Cheer and Dance competitions in the country, with independent gyms choosing us as their end of year event for the 2021 Season

Nationals is a celebration of our sport and art, itrecognises the hardwork of athletes, parents, coaches, studios and gyms.

With the uncertainty of the Delta variant of Covid-19 our 2021 Nationals we will be virtual! We look forward to partnering up with Cheercast to offer a spectacular Nationals experience!




  • Beautiful 1st to 3rd place banners for Gyms

  • Placing Medals for all athletes in top 3 IN ALL DIVISIONS

  • Grand Championship banners

  • FREE STREAMING OF THE EVENT to all teams and their families!

  • A CNZ 2021 National's T-shirt TO EVERY COMPETITOR!

  • High Quality and Independent Judging!